Sample conversation

Each conversation followed the same format. Participants had access to a range of pre-conversation materials as well as post-conversation summaries that we made available online.

Here’s a sample of what these conversations looked like.

Homepage: Portal to conversation materials for PARTICIPANTS

Conversation series homepage

Each conversation page included:

  • a video interview with the conversation leader and some background information;
  • pre-conversation materials (eg pre-reading, reflection questions);
  • the conversation protocol; and
  • the opportunity to engage online (discussion forum).




Pre-conversation materials: A snapshot

Sample reflection questionsSample conversation brochure


Post-conversation reflections

Wordcloud-summary-conv-1Following each conversation, facilitators provided a summary of their small group conversation to participants.

This wordle is just one of the ways we did that.



This is just a snapshot of one conversation. To help you plan your conversation series, we have created a project timeline.